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This is the first edition of Lilyas' Chromatic Deck. It features a completely custom deck of cards including court cards, number cards, Jokers, ad card and back. The originality in this set consists in the extraordinary coloring of the suits. Every suit has and its own special color and matching vector designs on all cards.


The colors fore every suit are:


Clubs: green



The deck comes in two different packagings - a simple see-through plastic box and a labeled metal box.


Item Details:


Number of cards: 55
Card size: 59 mm x 91 mm
Card Stock: 300 gsm, smooth, coated
Packaging: Plastic box or Metal box


Chromatic Deck - Metalbox


The cards have a very delicate back design (without any lettering) that features a mandala-like center and a polychrome gradient in all colors of the suits. The ad card also features this pattern in the background and comes in the same design as the packaging.


There are two jokers in the set. As well as the other court cards they feature some kind of headpiece to denote the usual figures.


The Chromatic Deck is an ideal item for card players, collectors and fans.

Custom Poker Playing Cards in Metalbox - designed by Lilyas © 2011

19,50 €

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Chromatic Deck - Plasticbox


This is exactly the same deck. The only difference is the packaging. This version comes in a regular plastic box.

Custom Poker Playing Cards in Plasticbox - designed by Lilyas © 2011

17,00 €

  • available
  • Shipping in 1 - 2 business days1


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    Lisa Byrd (Sunday, 16 August 2015 00:36)

    I would love to order the Chromatic Deck - Metalbox but everything is in German (I think?)...
    Please advise.

    Thank you,